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Mostly Harmless

matt d
27 July
Music lover and vinyl collector. Occasional DJ. Father. Conservative.
12" singles, 1200's, 24 hour party people, 4ad, 80's alternative, 80's movies, 80's new wave, a silent film, absolutely fabulous, adult swim, alternative music, are you being served?, attack of the show, audio books, batman, bbc, bbc america, beat mixing, big bang theory, black adder, bloc party, blog, blogging, blue box, bowie, brit pop, british comedy, britpop, chocolate, club culture, coca cola, cocktails, comedy, computers, conservatives, cooking, crystal castles, daleks, dance music, dancing, david bowie, depeche mode, dj culture, djing, djs, doc martens, doctor who, douglas adams, drinking, ebm, eddie izzard, electro, electronic, electronica, england, factory, factory records, family guy, fifa, fisherspooner, fresno, fun., gardening, goldfrapp, good sex, grimes, grouplove, halloween, haunted houses, hg2g, hitchhikers guide, home farming, home improvement, hot chip, ikea, indie music, interpol, jimmy kimmel, jon pertwee, joy division, kids in the hall, ladytron, manchester, manchester united, mash-ups, matador records, mel brooks, metric, mix cds, mix tapes, mixing, mixmag, monty python, mp3s, music, music industry, mute, nettwerk, new order, new wave, nme, old school punk, personal growth, photoshop, placebo, playlist, politics, pulp, purity ring, ramones, record collecting, record labels, records, red dwarf, remixes, robot chicken, ronald reagan, ryan giggs, sales, sci fi, sir alex, sire records, ska, sleigh bells, soulseek, synthpop, tardis, technics, the cure, the doctor, the editors, the smiths, tom baker, top gear, trainspotting, travel, turntables, uefa, underworld, unsigned bands, vampire weekend, vinyl, vinyl records, washed out, wayne rooney, white labels, wine, x-fm, xl recordings